Green products and solutions to build low energy structures

The glass processing plant and manufacturing is the backbone of Globe Glass with capability of large and small production lines running simultaneously. Machinery used are of high quality and are advanced cutting-edge equipment with internationally recognized European and Japanese manufacturing and finishing technology.

Our factory is the only production plant in the glass processing industry in Sri Lanka to obtain ISO certified standards for the glass processes. We have also been certified for producing Green Building Glasses in Sri Lanka. World leading glass manufacturers, namely, Saint Gobain, Guardian, AGC Group, have certified us as a leading glass processor in Sri Lanka.

The Solution Specialists collaborate with Engineers and Service Team to customize and deliver the required product in the set specification. Here are the machinery and equipment that produce premium, personalized products that suit business and residential needs.

Cutting machine

The key equipment in the cutting process comprise of vacuum-suction and auto-sharpen features, apart from automatic glass loading and advanced edge-deletion system. It has an automatic selection for cutting and an in-built hardware and software feature for cutting different types of glass to meet project specification. The machine can cut any shape of glass from 3mm to 20mm thickness, with ease, more power and with less energy usage.

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Edging machine

This machine is designed for carefully polishing the edges of glass and mirror-based products. It is precision-built to avoid chipping of glass and carefully polish edges of varying thickness. It has a powerful robust grinding and edging process to provide a fully flat glass and arris finish to any glass solutions. The robust spindle design eliminates vibration during the grinding process. The automatic squaring device sticks to the square nature as well as the parallelism of glass pieces.

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Drilling machine

This is an advanced and innovative perfect drilling machine that precisely positions to bring out the specified gauge of the hole as required for the installation glass panel.  It combines numerical control technology, to reach a high processing accuracy and high automation of perfect processing effect.

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Washing machine

This machine has the capability to wash and dry up to 1500 flat or custom shaped glasses per hour, and is available in different sizes to suit different glass designs. It is coupled with a high performance washing machine which is capable of cleaning the most stubborn stains at a minimal abrasion, whilst guaranteeing a clean and crystal clear glass.

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Tempering Machine

This machine is equipped with the latest heating technology that can output 150 square meters of tempered glass per hour. A heating environment of 660 Celsius degrees is utilized by this machine to compress the glass surface and core, followed by a rapidly cooling effect, resulting in a high tensioned glass solution that may have less harm when it is accidentally shattered, leaving with smaller fragments and granular..

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DGU Machine

This machine can manage insulating of glass heating and pressing processes with changing washing speeds of 0.7-3.5m/min. as well as processing double glazing glass of maximum width of 2200 mm. It has an Automatic temperature control system and precisely works on the measurement system.

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